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1951, my six years birthday
My sister, Dinna, to my right and my mother, Rigmor, 2nd from my left.

1954 with my Grandad, Carl Johan Sandbeck in Stege, a town on the Danish island of Møn. As director of the island's waterworks, he is inspecting pipe laying. The building on the right is Mølleporten, the town's old city gate.

Easter 1961. With CND Holbæk - Copenhagen. I am somewhere in the line

Fall 1979, Shanghai.

3. Amateur Go World Championship, Osaka. Sensei Sakata Eio 坂田 栄男 kindly posed with me for this photo.

1986, March. Sales meeting in Shanghai Municipal Engineering Bureau.

1986, Beijing. My wife Jin and I visit Chen Zude(陈祖德), a leading Chinese go master in the offices of China National Go Association

1989, May 25th. Beijing. At Tiananman Square while the students still occupied the Square. A few days later I returned to Hong Kong where I on the night between June 3rd and 4th watched in horror TV pictures of the army's massacre of the students.

1991, Summer. At Mølleporten (see pic 2) with my son, Sune Brian Sandbeck

2008, August. Saarbrücken, Germany. Altermondial days at ATTAC's European Summer University.

Freeschool, Summer 2012

By the Silkeborg Lakes with Erling, a childhood friend, summer 2014.

Freeschool Keynotes


Climate files

Tiananmen Square. Late May 1989.


Democracy in action near Tiananmen Square, Beijing, May 198